Will there be a hive Music Festival 2022?

Will there be a hive Music Festival 2022? The 2022 Hive Festival Lineup will feature Post Malone as the Saturday headliner and SuicideBoys as Friday’s headliner. DaBaby, Don Tolliver, Trippie Redd and Jack Harlow will also perform.

Is The Hive Music Festival real? HIVE is a two-day hip-hop music festival taking place in Salt Lake City at the Utah State Fairpark.

Where is the Hive Music Festival? HIVE FESTIVAL 2021, Hive Music Festival at Utah State Fair Park, Salt Lake City UT, Music.

Who dropped out of hive festival? “This past week the Suicideboys and the G*59 team caught COVID and unfortunately $B will not be performing at the HIVE Festival. We were hoping to rest and recuperate in time to still make the festival, but as of today it is no longer possible.

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What happened departure Festival?

The cancellation of Departure follows Thursday’s cancellation of the Dead & Company’s Playing in the Sand events that were scheduled to take place Jan. 7-10 and 13-16 in nearby Riviera Maya, Mexico. Playing in the Sand was canceled by producers CID Presents over the spike in COVID-19 cases.

Is Travis Scott still performing in Las Vegas?

Travis Scott will no longer be performing at Day N Vegas,” the festival said in a statement shared to social media. “The security and safety of all attending Day N Vegas has been and is always top priority in our festival planning.

Why was departure Festival Cancelled?

Departure Festival has canceled their edition this weekend in Playa del Carmen due to a severe rise in COVID cases and new restrictions. Last year, a new destination experience for the house and techno community was announced from the minds of The Cityfox Experience, Brooklyn Mirage, and Pollen Presents.

How do I get from Cancun to Playa del Carmen?

From Cancun: From the main ADO bus terminal in Cancun (near Puerto Cancun), travelers can grab the bus to Playa del Carmen. Buses run every hour and drop passengers at the Fifth Avenue terminal. Tickets are typically less than $3. Passengers can purchase tickets online or at any ADO bus counter.

How do I get from Playa del Carmen to Tulum?

The colectivos depart from Playa del Carmen on Calle 2 between 15th and 20th Ave. The colectivos leave very frequently from 5am to 11pm and depart once they are filled with passengers. A one way ticket costs $40 pesos. It takes 45mins – 1 hour to get from Playa del Carmen to Tulum.

Is Departure Festival cancelled?

It is with an incredibly heavy heart that on the weekend of our show, after 10 days of building and months of planning, we have been instructed that we cannot operate Departure. We have been liaising with local… More.

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