Who is playing at Festival International 2022?

Who is playing at Festival International 2022? Festival International will take place from April 27 – May 1. Performances include Cuban funk master Cimafunk on Saturday night and The Wailers of Jamaica on Sunday. Other international acts include Sinkane of Sudan, Natu Camara of Guinea, Son Rompe Pera of Mexico, and fan favorites Dakhabrakha of Ukraine.

Where is the Festival International de Louisiane? Festival International is the largest international music and arts festival in the United States! The 5-day festival transforms Lafayette, Louisiana into a colorful entertainment mecca with multiple stages throughout downtown.

How many people go to Festival International? The streets will be packed with throngs of sandal clad weekend warriors—over 300,000 people attend the festival each year, coming from all over the country and around the globe.

Is Festival International de Louisiane free? It is not free, however. We have to raise over $1 million every year to bring the world to Lafayette. We depend on community support in several forms. Pass holders play an integral role in helping to pay for / support this Festival, so we try to reciprocate by providing special perks to those who support us.

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How do I get my money back from festival International?


If you use a credit or debit card, your card will be refunded the week after Festival (whether your register online or not – you do not need to do anything!) If you use cash onsite, simply fill out the refund form that will be here on this page within 30 days after Festival is over.

Where do you park for festival International?

Parking. Downtown will be packed with vendors and people. To save the hassle of parking downtown free shuttle service is available. The shuttle will pick up at the corner of Congress and Cajundome every 15 minutes starting Thursday at 5 p.m. Cars are invited to park in the Cajun Field parking lot for $10 per car.

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