Where is the Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2022?

Where is the Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2022? 

Aaron Bessant Amphitheater
Seabreeze Jazz Festival / Location

What are the dates of the Seabreeze Jazz Festival? 

Apr 20, 2022 – Apr 24, 2022
Seabreeze Jazz Festival / Dates

Is Seabreeze Jazz Festival 2021 Cancelled? Therefore in an abundance of caution, and in cooperation with Florida Governor Ron DeSantes’ directive to limit or postpone large gatherings, the Seabreeze Jazz Festival, scheduled to take place April 22-26, 2020 in Panama City Beach, FL, will be postponed until next year. The new dates are April 21-25, 2021.

Where is the Panama Jazz Festival? The Panama Jazz Festival, now in its 19th year under the leadership of artistic director Danilo Pérez, will take place Jan. 10-15, 2022, both virtually and in various venues around Panama City.

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What happens in Panama Jazz Festival?

Carlos agrees that the Panama Jazz Festival has had to reinvent itself “we have more than 100 educational activities, collaborations with musicians from all over the world; we have a Music Therapy Symposium, Afro-Panamanian Symposium, concerts, Jam Sessions, all from home, with super easy accessibility and connectivity

How is the Panama Jazz Festival celebrated?

Every year, Panama City hosts a jazz festival that lasts an entire week. Musicians and jazz fans come from all around the world to enjoy concerts every night from professionals and local students, too. Lucky for me, the festival is held every year in January!

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