Where is the Blue Ox Festival?

Where is the Blue Ox Festival? The Blue Ox Music Festival takes place at the Pines Music Park (owned by Blue Ox), located at 5024 Crescent Avenue, Eau Claire, WI 54703. Get driving directions to the Blue Ox festival grounds. There are local shuttles available from Eau Claire to the festival grounds if you are not staying in the campgrounds.

What is the M3F festival? M3F Music Festival is a 100-percent nonprofit music festival with all proceeds from the Festival benefiting local Arizona nonprofit organizations. The event will be held at Margaret T. Hance Park in downtown Phoenix. This two-day festival features national and local musical acts on multiple stages.

What time does M3F festival start? What time is it? Friday: Gates open at 1:30 p.m. and the festival ends at 11 p.m. Saturday: Gates open at 1:00 p.m. and the festival ends at 11 p.m.

Is m3f all ages? Will children under a certain age be able to attend for free? Children under the age of 10 can enter the Festival for free.

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Where is McDowell Mountain Music Festival?

M3F Fest will return to Margaret T. Hance Park in downtown Phoenix, March 4-5, 2022. The downtown Phoenix event, originally known as McDowell Mountain Music Festival, was forced to sit out 2021 because of COVID-19. It was the last big music festival in town to take place before the concert industry shut down in 2020.

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