Where is Moonrise Festival held?

Where is Moonrise Festival held? 

Pimlico Race Course
Moonrise / Event location

Pimlico Race Course is a thoroughbred horse racetrack in Baltimore, Maryland, most famous for hosting the Preakness Stakes. Its name is derived from the 1660s when English settlers named the area where the facility currently stands in honor of Olde Ben Pimlico’s Tavern in London.


What should I wear to Moonrise Festival? Fashion & Function

Come prepared for hours of dancing! Wear comfortable sneakers and lightweight, breathable clothes that make you feel good. If you choose to wear heavy fabrics and faux furs, remember to stay hydrated.

Who runs Moonrise Festival? 

Steez Promo Glow DC

When was the first Moonrise Festival? Since first landing on the scene in 2014, Moonrise Festival has treated dance music lovers in Baltimore with an eclectic mix of genres that ranged from house and techno to dubstep and trap.

Where is Moonrise Festival held? – Additional Questions

What time does the moon rise in Maryland tonight?

Baltimore, MD, USA — Sunrise, Sunset, and Moon Times for Today
Current Time: Aug 5, 2022 at 9:09:49 pm
Sunrise Today: 6:11 am↑ 68° East
Sunset Today: 8:12 pm↑ 292° Northwest
Moonrise Today: 3:18 pm↑ 119° Southeast
Moonset Today: 12:23 am↑ 245° West

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What kind of moon is it tonight in Maryland?

Waning Gibbous

Where is the Moon right now?

The Moon is currently in the constellation of Pisces.

What time is the eclipse in Maryland?

Eclipses in Maryland City, Maryland, USA
Global Event: Total Lunar Eclipse
Local Type: Total Lunar Eclipse, in Maryland City
Begins: Tue, Nov 8, 2022 at 3:02 am
Maximum: Tue, Nov 8, 2022 at 5:59 am 1.359 Magnitude
Ends: Tue, Nov 8, 2022 at 6:49 am

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What time is the Blood Moon 2022 Maryland?

November 8, 2022 — Total Lunar Eclipse — Baltimore
Time Phase Altitude
5:59 am Tue, Nov 8 8.0°
6:41 am Tue, Nov 8 0.8°
6:48 am Tue, Nov 8 Setting -0.2°
7:49 am Tue, Nov 8 Not directly visible -10.7°

What time is the lunar eclipse tonight Maryland?

Penumbra will first be visible at 9:32 p.m. Partial eclipse begins at 10:27 p.m. Total eclipse begins at 11:29 p.m. Maximum eclipse at 12:11 a.m.

When’s the next full moon in Maryland?

Full Moon Dates for Baltimore, MD
Month/Year 2022 2026
April Apr 16 2:57 P.M. Apr 1 10:13 P.M.
May May 16 12:15 A.M. May 1 1:24 P.M. May 31 4:46 A.M.
June Jun 14 7:52 A.M. Jun 29 7:58 P.M.
July Jul 13 2:38 P.M. Jul 29 10:37 A.M.

What is a Strawberry Moon 2022?

Looking to the east at dusk on Tuesday, June 14, 2022 was what you should have been doing to get eyes-on with the “Strawberry Moon”—the final full Moon of spring and also the year’s biggest, brightest and best “supermoon.”

What should you do on a full moon?

7 things to try during a full moon:
  • Cleanse your mental and physical space. The full moon tends to mark a big build-up of energy—both light and dark.
  • Charge your crystals.
  • Learn to meditate.
  • Dance to release energy.
  • Let go of emotional baggage.
  • Check your to-do list.
  • Chill out for a bit.

How do you make moon Water?

Collecting moon water is a fairly simple process.
  1. First, find a glass bottle or jar.
  2. Fill it with water, preferably spring or distilled.
  3. Set your intentions.
  4. Set the bottle out overnight during your chosen moon phase.
  5. Seal the bottle and sip, spritz, or use in a ritual.

Can I drink moon water?

Like I mentioned before, you can use moon water for anything you want, you can drink it and feel the energy of the moon, or you can put it in a bottle and spray your home with it, you can also water your plants, heat it and drink it in tea, anything you want.

How long should I charge moon water?

As you do so, focus on the intention you’re setting, then thank the universe for letting you connect with the cosmos. Finally, leave the water to charge overnight. In the morning, you’ll have Moon water!

Can you wash your face with moon water?

You can also drink it to help to aid with cleansing and heal the body. I turned mine into a cute little mist for my desk and for my shower, and I mist my moon water as much as I spritz my face with my various favorite facial mists, and if I’m feeling super reckless… I might even combine the two.

When should you not drink moon water?

All of that’s to say that eclipses, despite being full moons, are a time to edit out cosmic energies that aren’t serving you—not drink them in. New moons are also not the best time to use moon water, because they tend to carry different energy.

How do you shower with moon water?

Moon Water is made by placing a cup, bowl, or pot of room temperature tap water under the moon’s glow either outside or by a window. You can add this water to your bath or drink it to evoke the truest power of the universe within.

What does moon water help with?

Other than that, moon water can help in revitalizing and cleansing your energy. Therefore, it is used for spiritual healing, as the moon is believed to possess the energy that enhances qualities like acceptance, surrender, and equanimity, which can also be described as yin or feminine energy.

What does moonlight do to your skin?

“Exposure to moonlight is an effective way to soothe and cool excess heat, anger and imbalances from the body’s system (calming the pitta dosha) and has been used to help diseases such as hypertension, migraines, hives, rashes, urticaria and other inflammatory conditions.”

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