What kind of music is Governors Ball?

What kind of music is Governors Ball? Launched in 2011 by original founders Jordan Wolowitz, Tom Russell, Yoni Reisman, the festival features an array of genres and styles of music, including rock, electronic, hip-hop, indie, Americana, pop, folk, and more.

Where is the Governors Ball Music Festival? 

Governors Ball Music Festival/Event locations

Is Gov Ball VIP worth it? Governors Ball VIP experiences are some of the best available, far superior to what many music festivals offer, but all of that is relative to the amount of accessible funds you have access to and how you prefer to spend your money.

What should I wear to Governors Ball Music Festival? It may seem utterly obvious to wear removable layers to Governors Ball, but it nevertheless, breezy clothing is essential for a comfortable concert experience. A linen jacket or a cotton sweater over shorts and a silk blouse will last you from dawn until dusk at Governors Ball, regardless of the temperature.

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What is not allowed at Gov ball?

Gov Ball 2022 is open to all ages. Children 5 years old and younger are admitted free. Strollers are allowed. Children of the Corn are not welcome.

Can you bring a blanket to Gov ball?

Gov Ball has some really delicious food options worthy of your time. Take some time to try a few food vendors out during the day! If you plan on sitting on the ground, bring a blanket or sheet to sit on. The grounds can be dirty and covered in trash or food, so with a blanket, you can keep your clothes clean.

Can I sneak a vape into Gov Ball?

What You Can’t Bring. The festival will not allow any weapons , fireworks, or drugs. All smoking products are banned, and that includes vapes and e-cigarettes.

Can you bring water bottle to Governors Ball?

Bring a small reusable water bottle you can clip onto your fanny pack to refill at the free water stations around Citi Field. Governors Ball has an application with all of the scheduled set times and which stages each artist is performing at.

Can I bring a portable charger to Gov Ball?

Yes, portable chargers are iPhone, Android, and USB Type-C compatible. If you have a newer Android or Google phone, let the Electric Standard team know while you are picking up your battery, so they can provide you with an adapter. No additional fee will be applied.

Do they check bags at Gov ball?

All bags will be searched before entry. If you have to bring a bag, drawstring bags are ideal. Bags must be smaller than: 16”x 16”x 8”. REMEMBER: You’re the eyes and ears of the festival.

Are there bathrooms at Gov ball?

Speaking of bathrooms, this is primarily a female essential from what my fiance tells me. As she tells it, the bathrooms will run out of toilet paper and if you’re a female you’ll will want to bring some form of backup with you.

How strict is gov ball with bag sizes?

Governors Ball has a pretty strict bag policy, so make sure you don’t carry your tote or backpack to the event. Either carry a clear ‘see through’ bag (no larger than 12″ x 6” x 12”) or a small clutch style bag (no larger than 4.5″ x 6.5″).

Should I bring a backpack to a music festival?

Music Festival Packing Tips

Don’t overpack, but bring enough. Decide what you need for the amount of time you’re going. Have a smaller bag for daytime essentials. Bring clothes for various weather and items that you can layer.

Does Gov Ball sell out?

Typically Goversnors Ball does not sell out. Obviously this can change year to year, but IF it sells out it’s usually in the final weeks leading up to the festival.

How much does Gov ball cost?

The three levels of Governors Ball passes were: Early Bird: $275. Advanced: $295. Regular: $305.

What happens if you lose your Gov ball wristband?

Wristband replacement is subject to verification of the Front Gate order. If you need a replacement, please bring your wristband, order confirmation and government-issued ID to the Box Office. Please note there is a $20 wristband replacement fee.

How do you get tickets for Governors Ball?

To buy Governors Ball Music Festival tickets, click the ticket listing and you will be directed to SeatGeek’s checkout process to complete the information fields. SeatGeek will process your order and deliver your Governors Ball Music Festival tickets.

How much are VIP tickets to Governors Ball?

One-day General Admission tickets and one-day VIP tickets are also available for $129 plus fees and $269 plus fees respectively.

What age is Gov ball?

New York’s Governors Ball has confirmed a major policy change ahead of its 10th edition next June. Beginning 2020, the festival will be open to persons over the age of 18 years old. Anyone under the age of 18 must attend with an adult who is 21 years or older.

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