What is Project GLOW festival?

What is Project GLOW festival? On Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1, Project GLOW will offer festival goers a transformation of one of the city’s most prominent recreational hubs, bringing two thoughtfully curated stages of music, exquisite food and beverage offerings and a collection of globally-recognized artists to the RFK Festival Grounds.

Where was the glow festival DC? New festival alert! Insomniac launching a new two-day dance festival in Washington, DC at RFK Stadium.

What time is Project GLOW festival? Doors Open: 1:00 pm. Project GLOW is a vibrant celebration of over two decades in the DC dance culture that Club GLOW has cultivated. Join us for the first two day, two stage dance festival in the heart of DC at RFK Stadium Grounds on April 30 & May 1, 2022.

Where is Project GLOW located? The Project Glow schedule is out and can be viewed in the Project Glow 2022 schedule section below. RFK Festival Grounds are located at 2400 East Capitol St NE, Washington, DC 20003. Parking information will be available soon.

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What do you wear to project glow?

What To Wear To Project GLOW 2022
  • Alien Melt Bodycon Mini Dress. If you’re looking for a one-piece that is both stylish and festival-ready, try the Alien Melt Purple Bodycon Mini Dress.
  • Trance Weekend Shorts.
  • Whimsical Weed High-Waisted Shorts.
  • Peace Stock Crop Hoodie.
  • Plur Life Fanny Pack.

What is Georgetown glow?

A Mind-Glowing Experience

Set against the historic backdrop of DC’s oldest neighborhood, GLOW in Georgetown is the region’s only free curated outdoor public light art experience. Established in 2014, the innovative exhibition is one of DC’s annual traditions.

Where is the Georgetown glow?


The lights are programmed to mimic the movement of the voices, creating a complete and total experience for the viewer as they are engulfed in both the possibility and the weight of a rainbow.

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