What are the hours for the Grant Seafood Festival?

What are the hours for the Grant Seafood Festival? Mar. 5 ’23. 9am-5pm

The Grant Seafood Festival is a time honored tradition like none other but what really sets it apart is the total commitment from our community — the festival is run 100% by volunteers and many booths are made up of family members, often having several generations working along side one another.

Is Grant Seafood Festival dog friendly? Admission: Free

Please note: No dogs (service dogs must wear vest or collar to distinguish) or other pets/animals, no coolers, no tents (canopies or pop-up tents), no umbrellas, no overnight parking.

Is there a grant in Brevard County? Since the 1880s, the villages of Grant and Valkaria have existed in harmony within the borders of Brevard County, Florida.

Is Grant-valkaria FL a good place to live? Grant-Valkaria Reviews

Very small town, close with neighbors, very safe! It is quiet and safe for families. During holidays the community center hosts events that are fun for the family and create volunteer opportunities! Small town in Brevard county bordering Indian River county.

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What county is Grant Florida?

Brevard County
Grant-Valkaria / County

Brevard County is located in the east central portion of the U.S. state of Florida. As of the 2020, the population was 606,392, making it the 10th most populated county in Florida. The official county seat has been located in Titusville since 1894.


Is Grant-valkaria Incorporated?

Grant-Valkaria was incorporated as a town on July 25, 2006, by joining the two previously unincorporated communities of Grant and Valkaria. The ZIP code is 32949 (and portions of 32950, and 32909), and the area code is 321.

What county is valkaria in?

Brevard County
Grant-Valkaria / County

What’s the zip code for Grant Florida?

Grant-Valkaria/Zip codes

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