How much is Electric Forest ticket?

How much is Electric Forest ticket? Electric Forest tickets can be found for as low as $776.00, with an average price of $1,059.00.

Who’s playing at Electric Forest 2022? The Electric Forest lineup for 2022! Disclosure, GRiZ, Porter Robinson, Louis The Child, The Disco Biscuits, Sylvan Esso, Slander, Fisher, Big Gigantic, Markus Schultz, TOKiMONSTA, Liquid Stranger, LSDream, Femi Kuti, Yves Tumor, Toro Y Moi, Subtronics and more top the lineup!

Will Electric Forest 2022 happen? Our reunion grows closer. See you in The Forest, June 23 – 26, 2022. All remaining Wristbands for Electric Forest 2022 will go On Sale this Friday, December 10 at 10 AM Eastern.

What date is Electric Forest? This year’s festival starts on June 23 and will last for 4 days, until June 26.

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Where is the Electric Forest 2022?

Double JJ Resort
2022 Electric Forest / Location

Double JJ Resort is located in Rothbury, Michigan. It is a four-season resort which opened as the Jack and Jill Ranch in 1937. It has been the location of the Rothbury Music Festival two times, and has hosted the Electric Forest Festival annually since 2011.


How do you fly in Electric Forest?

Electric Forest is a three hour drive from Detroit/Ann Arbor and Chicago, and just a little further from St. Louis and Indianapolis. The closest airport is in Muskegon (MKG) (approximately 30 minutes) with United Airlines service through Chicago O’Hare.

Can you bring alcohol into Electric Forest?

A note on Alcoholic beverages:

No glass is allowed. The limit is 1 case of beer and 1 box of wine per person. You must be 21+ to bring in or consume alcohol.

How do you shower at Electric Forest?

There are showers at every Neighborhood Pod. Hours are 8am to 8pm Thursday through Sunday, and the cost is $10/shower in the GA Campgrounds. Good Life Showers are free, with hours from 8 am to 8 pm.

Where do you sleep at Electric Forest?

You can camp wherever you want and take up as much space as you want. Being able to come as we please, and not stress over our spot and if there was enough room was huge. My group, like a lot of groups, left at different times and from different places.

How do you prepare for Electric Forest?

Do you camp next to your car at Electric Forest?

Since this is a walk-in campground, you would park your car (of 2 or more occupants) in a lot adjacent, not on or near the site. The “Good Life Bungalow Tents” are ideal for small groups attending Electric Forest together.

What should I bring to the forest rave?

Here’s What To Pack For Electric Forest 2020
  1. Festival Outfits. This is a separate category from clothing for every weather because festival outfits are usually planned for special nights, themes, etc.
  2. Rave Shoes.
  3. Food, Snacks and Drinks.
  4. Bandana.
  5. Campsite Decor.
  6. Hydration Backpack.
  7. Flow Lights & Accessories.
  8. Swimwear.

What do I wear to a music festival?

11 Essential Style Tips for Your Festival Outfits
  • Wear Comfortable Footwear.
  • Opt for a Hat Instead of a Flower Crown (Skip if you’re ok with sun rays)
  • Wear Sunscreen + Chapstick.
  • Wear Sunglasses.
  • Wear Your Hair Up or in Brands.
  • Layer Up.
  • Wear a Crossbody Bag.
  • Select One or Two Statement Pieces.

What do guys wear to EDM concerts?

Men’s rave fashion is all about comfort, while still showing off your personal style.

What Do Guys Wear To Raves?

  • Kandi.
  • T-Shirt or Tank Top.
  • Athletic Shorts.
  • Comfortable Shoes.
  • Hat.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Bandana / Face Mask.
  • Hydration Pack.

How do you carry everything to a festival?

Bum bag. Bum bags are the perfect way to securely carry essentials with you all day. Keep your hands-free and your back unencumbered while still being able to safely carry your valuables around with you. Store your cash, cards, phone and valuables in a bum bag, and enjoy a stress-free day.

How do you sleep at a music festival?

Use earplugs & eye mask

They may not be the most glamorous items in the world, but earplugs and an eye mask can be absolute lifesavers when it comes to sleeping well at a festival.

How do you sneak alcohol into a festival?

How to sneak alcohol into a festival without getting caught
  1. Bring a jacket with big pockets.
  2. Put it in Capri Sun pouches.
  3. Hide it in baby food pouches.
  4. Hide it in a big tub of Sudocrem.
  5. Put it in water bottles without breaking the seal.
  6. Hide it in a hollowed out loaf of bread.
  7. Wrap it up in your sleeping bag.

How do you stay clean at a festival?

9 Tips To Staying Clean At A Festival
  1. Prepare with care. You won’t be using a proper shower for at least a couple of days, so savour your last one before you go.
  2. Wet wipes are your best friend.
  3. Dry shampoo.
  4. Rinse free cleansers.
  5. Bring a towel.
  6. Don’t forget to brush.
  7. Be proactive at portaloos.
  8. Bag your dirties.

Should I shower at a festival?

Festival Showers

Some festivals do have showers available on site, but often they cost money to use. If you decide to make use of these, you may want to bring a bathing suit if you are modest. These are often more like shower houses than single-person showers.

How do you wash your body without a shower?

How Can I Stay Clean Without Showering?
  1. BRING A WASHCLOTH. I prefer to use a square of synthetic chamois camp towel because it’s lighter and dries more quickly than cotton.

How can I take a shower without a shower?

  1. First, dampen some paper towels. Wipe down your armpits.
  2. Splash some water on your face. No soap, though.
  3. Put on a hat (if you have one). Or, splash some water into your hair and muss it into some sort of artfully disheveled look.
  4. Now that you’re on a paper-towel spree
  5. Eat a piece of fruit (or a veggie).

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