How much are Ravinia tickets?

How much are Ravinia tickets? The Ravinia Music Box

Admission is free to all patrons in the park. Guests should allow 30 minutes to experience the complete theater program and exhibition gallery when entering.

Can I bring alcohol to Ravinia? You must be at least 21 to purchase alcohol at Ravinia or to bring alcohol onto the grounds. Guests will be carded, and Ravinia can refuse the sale of alcohol to anyone.

Can I bring food to Ravinia? Ravinia’s expansive lawn offers an informal and comfortable place to picnic while enjoying concerts. Bring your own picnic and beverages or visit our variety of on-site restaurants and kiosks. Stretch out on a blanket you bring, or rent lawn chairs and tables from us.

When did Ravinia Festival Open? First opened on August 15, 1904, Ravinia remains the oldest and most programmatically diverse music festival in North America, attracting about 600,000 guests to over 120 events each year.

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How did Ravinia get its name?

Ravinia takes its name from the numerous steep-sided ravines that slice the land.

What suburb is Ravinia in?

Ravinia is a suburban neighborhood (based on population density) located in Highland Park, Illinois.

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Is Ravinia Open 2021?

HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. (WLS) — The Ravinia Festival has released its full concert schedule for the 2021 season Thursday morning, featuring 64 performances taking place from June through September.

How many acres is Ravinia?

The enchanting 36-acre park boasts three venues and the popular Lawn where picnicking is an art. Ravinia supports classical music with its annual summer residency of the world-acclaimed Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Steans Music Institute for professional musicians and its Reach Teach Play music education programs.

What is Redrocks capacity?

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre / Capacity

What time do Ravinia concerts end?

Hours below are effective June 15, 2022, for Ravinia’s summer concert season. On days without performances: Mon–Fri: Noon – 4:00 p.m. Sat–Sun: Noon – 4:00 p.m.

Is Ravinia dog friendly?

We don’t usually allow dogs in our park, but these pups are PAW-some! Adopt an animal from Orphans of the Storm Animal Shelter today, and make a friend for life!

Can you bring drinks into Ravinia Pavilion?

All beverages (except water) must be purchased and served in Ravinia’s souvenir cup to be allowed in the Pavilion.

What time should I get to Ravinia?

Show up a minimum of two hours before showtime, and even earlier for big shows, because the lawn fills quickly. Latecomers can get stuck in the lawn’s less-than-ideal distant edges. Ravinia has excellent children’s and classical concerts, with lawn tickets priced at just $10 each. Ravinia draws a well-heeled crowd.

Can you bring candles to Ravinia?

Candles are a great source of light and ambiance for a picnic under the stars. Bring citronella to repel mosquitoes as well. And don’t forget to bring matches! Big, small, or hands-free, it is always a good idea to bring some kind of flashlight to Ravinia.

How do I get from Chicago to Ravinia?

The best way to get from Chicago to Ravinia is to train which takes 48 min and costs $4 – $7. Alternatively, you can line 147 bus and line 213 bus, which costs $3 – $8 and takes 2h 6m.

What train takes you to Ravina?

Metra Info

Metra’s Union Pacific North Line with service from Chicago to Kenosha is highly recommended! During the season, the Metra train stops right at the front gate of Ravinia*. The train is the perfect solution for avoiding traffic.

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