How long is the Natchitoches Christmas Parade?

How long is the Natchitoches Christmas Parade? Christmas Cheer Since 1927

Starting as a one-day festival, the Natchitoches Christmas Festival has evolved into a six-week long Christmas Season.

What time are fireworks in Natchitoches? Join your friends and family tonight for the New Years Eve Fireworks show at 8pm along the Downtown Riverfront in Natchitoches. FREE EVENT! Say farewell to 2021 with unique Natchitoches flare along the Downtown… More.

How long do the lights stay up in Natchitoches Louisiana? One of the state’s oldest towns is a beautiful holiday destination, with spectacular lights and festivities from mid-November until after New Year’s Day. Don’t miss the fireworks display over Cane River during the annual Natchitoches Festival of Lights.

Why is the Festival of Lights important to Louisiana? Introduction. The Natchitoches Christmas Festival was first presented in 1927 when Max Burgdorf, Superintendent of Utilities for the City of Natchitoches, Louisiana, decided that the community needed an event to celebrate the Christmas season.

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