How long does the Tulip Festival last at Thanksgiving Point?

How long does the Tulip Festival last at Thanksgiving Point? April 8 – May 14

Thanksgiving Point’s annual Tulip Festival, presented with Utah Community Credit Union (UCCU), returns to the Ashton Gardens from April 8 to May 14! Thousands of tulips are imported directly from Holland each year to make this event one of the best tulip festivals in the nation.

Can you buy tulip bulbs at Thanksgiving Point? The annual Thanksgiving Point Tulip Bulb Sale at Ashton Gardens is a beloved tradition for tulip lovers to bring the wonders of the natural world home with them. With “Grab Bags” containing a variety of bulbs available for purchase, bringing these beautiful flowers home with you is easier than ever.

How much does it cost to go to Thanksgiving Point? The current $20 (each activity) rate for adults and $15 for children will increase to $24 for adults and $17 for children. Family membership rates will also increase from $275 annually to $299 annually, an 8.7% increase.

Can you walk around Thanksgiving Point for free? Free Guided Walks

Led by our garden docents, this walking tour takes about 1.5 hours and is included with regular venue admission.

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What is free at Thanksgiving Point?

Enjoy free admission to five award-winning venues, including two world-class museums, a butterfly conservatory, a 50-acre garden, and a working farm. Receive advance purchase opportunities and discounts on popular day camps, youth and adult classes, and special events.

Can you bring food to Thanksgiving Point?

You may want to bring snacks or sandwiches too. You’ll be able to stay longer – especially with kids – if you have something to eat. Picnic tables are located in several places inside Ashton Gardens. The Trellis Cafe is located near the entrance at the top of the hill.

Are dogs allowed at Thanksgiving Point?

Well behaved, leashed dogs are welcome to visit the 50 acre gardens. The gardens are open from 9am to 8pm and advanced tickets are required. While there are a couple dog water bowls, consider bringing a collapsible bowl with you to fill using one of the many human water fountains around the gardens.

Does Thanksgiving Point rent wheelchairs?

Wheelchairs ($10) and Strollers ($5) are available for rental at all five Thanksgiving Point venues. Rentals subject to availability.

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