How expensive is Scarborough Fair?

How expensive is Scarborough Fair? Adult ticket price is $37 (For all 13 years old and older). Tickets for children 5 -12 years of age cost $17. Children 4 years old and under are admitted for free. Two-day weekend passes are $61.

How large is Scarborough Fair Texas? The festival is 35 acres (140,000 m2) in size, taking place on a 165-acre (0.67 km2) site. There are 21 stages with more than 200 performances. Three jousting shows take place each day. There are about 150 cast members that make up the characters at Scarborough Renaissance Festival.

What is Scarborough Fair? Since 1981, Scarborough Renaissance Festival has been a North Texas tradition providing interactive fun for everyone, 16th Century style. Scarborough is a Renaissance themed festival set in a re-created 16th Century English village celebrating the visit of King Henry VIII, his Royal Court and other dignitaries.

Do you need cash for Scarborough Fair? For your convenience there are ATM’s located throughout the Festival site although we recommend that you bring sufficient cash with you for your visit. If you do not wish to carry cash, you can purchase “Renaissance Dollars” at our Ticket Office.

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What should you not wear to a Renaissance Faire?

DON’T dress as a pirate!, Trekkie, mermaid, elf, unless its’ that kind of Renaissance Faire. Some California Faires and elsewhere mix fantasy themes. Others stick to a time period like the Elizabethan Era, so check the website.

How much cash should I bring to the Renaissance Festival?

I would advise you to budget $50 including tickets if you want to do a good amount of activities and eat more food. Next year, I want to just bring $100 and do whatever I want with it, whether it’s buy a lot of food or buy a souvenir, so I’ll budget for that.

How much do Ren Faire swords cost?

Ticket prices are $38.00 for Adults. $23.00 for Children. Children 4 and under are always free. For more information on ticket prices, click here.

What time period was the Renaissance?

Contents. The Renaissance was a fervent period of European cultural, artistic, political and economic “rebirth” following the Middle Ages. Generally described as taking place from the 14th century to the 17th century, the Renaissance promoted the rediscovery of classical philosophy, literature and art.

Can I bring a backpack to the Arizona Renaissance Festival?

Please be advised that all bags and personal items are subject to inspection. Restricted/Backstage Areas: Restricted areas are off limits to visitors. Guests attempting to enter restricted areas will be escorted from the Faire without refund.

Can you bring water into Arizona Renaissance Festival?

Patrons can bring in a 16- or 24-ounce bottle of water as long as it’s factory-sealed. You can also purchase bottled water from food and drink booths.

How long does the Arizona Renaissance Festival last?

Savor five courses of fine food, ample drynk, and enjoy one and one half hours of raucous Renaissance Entertainment at its best! Buy Tickets NOW!

How long is the Renaissance Festival in Arizona 2022?

The festival offers an opportunity to enjoy and explore the outdoor 50-acre village for nine consecutive weekends, Saturdays, Sundays, and Presidents’ Day Monday, February 5 through April 3, from 10 am to 6pm each event date.

Do you have to wear a mask at the Renaissance Festival in Arizona?

Masks will be required of all festival visitors unless eating or drinking in one of the fairgrounds many designated socially distanced picnic areas. Guests are encouraged to stay socially distant from persons or groups they are not with.

Will there be an Arizona Renaissance Festival in 2022?

Arizona Renaissance Festival 2022

5-April 3. Where: 12601 U.S. 60, Gold Canyon. Admission: $30, $27 for seniors with ID, $20 for ages 5-12, free for ages 4 and younger. Details: 520-463-2600,

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