Will there be a Chicago Blues Festival in 2022?

Will there be a Chicago Blues Festival in 2022? City of Chicago :: Chicago Blues Festival Schedule — Thursday, June 9, 2022.

Who is playing at the Chicago Blues Festival 2022? 

Chicago Blues Festival 2022
  • Jamiah Rogers.
  • Joanna Connor.
  • Toronzo Cannon.
  • Shemekia Copeland.
  • Linsey Alexander.
  • Robert Kimbrough.
  • The Keeshea Pratt Band.
  • Eddie Cotton.

Is Chicago Blues Fest free? More than 500,000 blues fans gather in Chicago’s Millennium Park and venues across the city for multiple days of performances — all free and open to the public — featuring some of the genre’s most revered musicians, along with up-and-coming and local talent.

What time does the Chicago Blues Fest start? Chicago Riverwalk – Chicago Blues Festival Schedule June 9-12, 2022. Blues on the Riverwalk, 12–1pm & 5–6pm brings top Blues musicians including Harmonica Hinds Duo, Vino Louden Duo, Gerry Hundt and Fruteland Jackson to perform at The Confluence on the scenic Chicago Riverwalk (Franklin and Lake St).

Will there be a Chicago Blues Festival in 2022? – Additional Questions

Where is the blues festival in Chicago?

201 E. Randolph St. Parking: Visit www.millenniumgarages.com or call 312.616.

Is Blues Fest dog friendly?

The only animals we allow on site are assistance dogs to support disabled patrons. Besides that, we cannot allow any animals or pets on site.

What can I bring to Blues Fest?

The Festival Survival Guide you need pre Bluesfest!
  • Disinfectant wipes for any sticky situations.
  • More water than you could possibly drink.
  • Quick, simple snacks that don’t require any preparation.
  • A torch or lantern (don’t waste your phone battery!)
  • Rubbish bags.

Can you take alcohol to Bluesfest?

The Bluesfest festival site and campgrounds are DRUG, ALCOHOL, AND GLASS FREE.

Can you take chairs to Bluesfest?

A/ Bluesfest is no longer going to be a fully-seated event, however, some of the stages will be seated and we will be providing plenty of seating at all other stages. Patrons may bring foldable chairs to use in the designated zones outside of the tented areas at each stage.

What do you wear to the Blues festival?

Make sure you start with shorts and a flowy T-shirt to make sure you stay cool all day long. You might be tempted to wear sandals to Roots ‘N’ Blues but remember – the whole festival is in a grassy, muddy park. To protect your feet, wear a cute pair of durable Chelsea boots.

Can I take food to Bluesfest?

Eskies and coolers of a reasonably small size will only be allowed in with people who have infants under 4 years old. Prohibited Items: Alcohol – any alcohol brought onto the festival site will be confiscated. Glass items (including jars, bottles, containers, mirrors and perfumes).

Does Bluesfest take cash?


Our sale systems have debit/credit Tap and Chip & PIN. *Please note that we do not accept cash, personal cheques, money orders, etc.

Do I need to activate my Bluesfest pass?

*Please note: Your passes come activated and ready to use! Registration is not required.

Can you park at Bluesfest?

Bluesfest offers parking services for all of our day visitors including people with a disability. All parking is on grass with a gravel approach.

What day is Luke Combs at Bluesfest?

RBC Ottawa Bluesfest – July 7-17, 2022

Cavendish Beach Music Festival is that weekend Luke! Can we pencil you in for Sunday the 10th?????

How many people go to Luke Combs Bluesfest?

It’s a rare night at Bluesfest when day tickets are sold out in advance, but that was the case for Combs as an estimated 30,000 people turned out to see the 32-year-old Nashville star.

Where is Byron Bay Blues festival held?

Byron Bay, New South Wales

How do I get to Bluesfest Ottawa?

*Ways To Get To RBC Bluesfest*
  1. The festival grounds are conveniently located near downtown Ottawa within walking or cycling distance of Parliament Hill, at LeBreton Flats Park.
  3. Para Transpo Drop Off: Southbound on Booth Street, next to the Museum between Vimy Place and the rear loading dock of the Museum.
  4. BIKE.

What can I bring to Bluesfest Ottawa?

Items marked “YES” are permitted inside the festival venue:
  • YES Cell phones.
  • YES Food, small meals (please bring your food in small plastic bags or containers – no glass containers of any kind will be permitted)
  • YES Sealed or empty reusable water bottles (we have filling stations!)
  • YES Small backpacks, bags, and purses.

Who is playing at Ottawa Bluesfest?

  • RBC Stage. 6:00 pm. Jessia. 7:30 pm. Alessia Cara. 9:30 pm.
  • SiriusXM Stage. 6:00 pm. Angelique Francis Band. 7:30 pm. Vanessa Collier. 9:00 pm.
  • River Stage. 6:30 pm. Deanna Petcoff. 8:00 pm. Ocean Alley. 9:30 pm.
  • Barney Danson Theatre. 6:30 pm. JoJo Worthington. 8:00 pm. Alanna Sterling. 9:30 pm.
  • Accora Village Spin Stage. 6:00 pm. DJ Balu.

Can I get a refund on Bluesfest tickets?

NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. Unless explicitly named as such, tickets are sold for the festival date as a whole and not for specific acts.

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