Who will be at Aftershock 2022?

Who will be at Aftershock 2022? Set for October 6th-9th in Sacramento, California, this year’s Aftershock festival features an absolutely stacked lineup of heavy hitters — Slipknot, KISS, My Chemical Romance, Muse, Rob Zombie, Evanescence, Lamb of God, Bring Me the Horizon and many, many more are scheduled to play across the event’s sure-to-be-epic

Where is the Aftershock festival held? Aftershock Festival Home 2022 | Oct 6-9 | Discovery Park, Sacramento.

How many bands are in the aftershock 2022? SACRAMENTO, Calif. —

Aftershock Festival released its lineup on Wednesday and it includes headliners Slipknot, the Foo Fighters, Judas Priest, KISS and My Chemical Romance. The festival in Sacramento’s Discovery Park is to take place Oct. 6-9 with more than 85 bands.

Where is Discovery Park Aftershock? Discovery Park is located where the American River meets the Sacramento River. The beautiful 302-acre park is located adjacent to I-5 in downtown Sacramento. Fans will enter the festival on the north side of Discovery Park at the Garden Highway entrance or the Jibboom Street entrance from the south.

Who will be at Aftershock 2022? – Additional Questions

What time does Aftershock start?

Oct 6 – Oct 9, 2022
Aftershock Festival / Dates

How does Aftershock Concert work?

Our 2022 ambassador program is JUST for you! Earn a free GA weekend pass to Aftershock when you bring 6 friends! Each friend that purchases a GA weekend pass from you will get a complimentary drink ticket (21+ patrons only) along with an Aftershock bandana with their purchase. Click HERE to sign up and start selling!

What are you allowed to bring to Aftershock?

Patrons are allowed to bring their medically necessary materials and medications into the Festival, provided that all medicine has a prescription label with the patron’s name.

How long is Aftershock concert?

What is this? With Aftershock festival tickets, not only you get the access to the staggering 3 days of heavy music, but also can try the tastiest food, Slipknot’s original Iowa Whiskey №9, take a seat at Kolas, and take part in the charitable event by Fxck Cancer.

What bands will be at Aftershock?

Aftershock Festival started in 2012, and in 2019 it expanded from one day to three, then to four days in 2021. Slipknot, Rob Zombie, Evanescense, Stone Temple Pilots, Killswitch Engage and more are set to play on Thursday (Oct 6). Friday’s (Oct.

What day is Slipknot playing at Aftershock?

Aftershock Festival: Slipknot, Rob Zombie & Evanescence – Thursday Tickets Thu, Oct 6, 2022 2:00 pm at Discovery Park in Sacramento, CA.

Do Aftershock tickets sell out?

You can get tickets directly through the Aftershock website, though they often sell out or don’t have the day pass you want.

What kind of music is Aftershock?

Aftershock Festival is a rock and heavy metal music festival in Sacramento, California. Started in 2012, the festival is heading into its ninth edition.

What does aftershock mean?

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What does aftershock feel like?

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