Where is the Lost Lands festival?

Where is the Lost Lands festival? 

Legend Valley
Lost Lands Music Festival / Event location

Legend Valley is an outdoor concert venue located in Thornville, Ohio, approximately two miles from Buckeye Lake.


What kind of festival is Lost Lands? Lost Lands Music Festival is an electronic music festival in Thornville, Ohio. Put on by Canadian dubstep legend Excision, the festival has grown to become one of the most respected bass music festivals in the country.

What kind of music is in Lost Lands? Lost Lands 2022 is a music festival created by Excision, aka Jeff Abel. It has a lineup of bass-heavy electronic music, including dubstep, trap, drum and bass, house, techno and more. Lost Lands 2022 tickets are on sale.

Will there be a Lost Lands 2022? Lost Lands Festival by Excision | Sept. 23-25 2022.

Where is the Lost Lands festival? – Additional Questions

What should I wear to Lost Lands?

If you are stuck on what to wear at Lost Lands, here’s some Lost Lands outfit inspiration:
  • Neon Vibes.
  • Dinosaur Inspired Accessories and Tees.
  • Chains and Harnesses.
  • Animal Print.
  • All Black.

Is Lost Lands sold out?

Lost Lands Launches Official Ticket Exchange to Securely Buy or Sell Passes to Sold-Out 2021 Festival. Excision’s Lost Lands sold out in record time due to an incredibly high demand for tickets after a year devoid of music festivals.

What happened at Lost Lands?

Nine people were reportedly injured after a shuttle at Lost Lands festival overturned in Licking County this past weekend. Nine people were reportedly injured after a shuttle at Lost Lands festival overturned in Licking County this past weekend.

How many stages are there at Lost Lands?

With five different stages to choose from, there’s something for everyone. The Prehistoric Evolution stage served as the main stage for the entire festival, towering at over five stories, a record one million watts of bass playing speakers, and some of the biggest producers of bass music the industry has to offer.

Where is Lost Lands in Ohio?

The 5th annual Lost Lands Festival returns to Legend Valley in Thornville, OH on September 23rd-25th, 2022!

When did lost lands start?

Debuting in 2017, the festival immediately became the world’s leading bass music event and has improved every year since.

Who Founded lost lands?

THORNVILLE – Legend Valley owner Steve Trickle hopes the changes he and others have made to the Lost Lands Music Festival will show the community their efforts to be ‘good neighbors. ‘ Last year, the electronic dance music festival sparked outrage from the community over loud music that could be heard from miles away.

Does lost lands have camping?

Lost Lands Camping

Most people choose to camp at Lost Lands and if that’s you, then you are in the right place! Remember that your admission ticket does not come with camping and that camping tickets are sold per campsite, not per person.

Can you bring liquor to lost lands?

Each camper over 21 years old is allowed to bring either one case of up to 30 aluminum cans of beer, or one case of up to 30 aluminum cans of hard seltzer, or one box/plastic container of wine. You cannot bring any liquor, glass bottles or kegs.

How much did lost lands tickets cost?

A government-issued ID must also be carried as proof of age. The GA festival admission pass ranges in pricing from $175 to $300 for three days. The VIP admission ticket is priced between $250 and $400.

What is glamping at lost lands?

With Jurassic Glamping, you will be in a private, premium village close to the festival entrance, complete with comfy lounges, 24-hour concierge, daily continental breakfast and coffee, and air-conditioned bathroom and shower facilities.

Where is Dancefestopia?

A high energy music and camping festival, Dancefestopia takes place in the rolling hills just south of Kansas City. Over four nights, festies can party to nonstop music and one of the strongest dance music lineups in the region.

Who hosts Lostlands?

Excision Drops Enormous Lost Lands 2022 Lineup With Knife Party, Madeon, REZZ, More. In its largest lineup to date, the 2022 festival will also feature performances from Rusko, Said The Sky, Pendulum, Space Laces and more.

How many lost lands games are there?

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Lost Lands: Mistakes of the Past FIVE-BN GAMES December 13, 2018

Is lost lands a free game?

Lost Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure is a Free-2-play game created by the developers of the fascinating game series such as Lost Lands and New York Mysteries. With their kingdom in ruins the elves were forced to set off overseas to search for a new home.

Is lost lands free to play?

Lost Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure is a free to play game from the creators of the Lost Lands and New York Mysteries series.

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