Where is the Hangout music festival 2022?

Where is the Hangout music festival 2022? Hangout is a three day festival on the white sand beaches of Gulf Shores, AL. It’s a place to gather your group of friends, throw on your favorite bathing suit and hit the beach for some sun, fun, and a great time.

Who is performing at Hangout Fest 2022? The Hangout Fest 2022 lineup! Post Malone, Halsey and Tame Impala headline! Fall Out Boy, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, Kane Brown, Illenium, Jack Harlow, Zedd, Leon Bridges, Jack Harlow, Phoebe Bridgers, Louis The Child, Slander and The Head and The Heart all top the lineup.

How much are Hangout Fest tickets usually? General Admission: $259

Tickets available for $259 for a limited time. Prices will go up once the allotment is gone.

What time is Hangout Fest? Hangout Fest runs from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. each day.

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What should I wear to Hangout Fest?

Hangout Music Festival Tip #5 – Wear Proper Attire

During the day everyone basically wears bathing suits, shorts, tees, tank tops and/or flip flops. For night time it can get into the 60s so you may want something long sleeved if you get cold easily.

What can I bring into Hangout Fest?

Things You Can Bring to Hangout Fest
  • Liquid sunscreen, in non-¬aerosol container of 3oz or less.
  • Bug spray in non-¬aerosol containers of 3oz or less.
  • Small backpacks, bags, and purses (no larger than 20” x 15” x 13”)
  • Blankets & beach towels.
  • Sunglasses and hats.
  • One (1) EMPTY water container up to 2 liters in size.

Can you bring a vape to Hangout Fest?

Are vapes and vape juice allowed? While refillable vape pens, eGo devices, mods, and APVs are allowed into our events, you will not be allowed to bring E-Liquid or E-Juice of any kind into the venue due to festival and security guidelines.

How do you sneak alcohol into Hangout Fest?

How to Sneak Booze into a Concert
  1. The Wine Rack. The Wine Rack is a sports bra with a polyurethane bladder hidden inside.
  2. Flask Tampons.
  3. The Beer Belly.
  4. Stash Boxer Briefs.
  5. The Wine Tote.
  6. Sunscreen Flask.
  7. Disguise Your Booze with the Umbrella Flask.

Do people wear shoes to Hangout Fest?

Part of the appeal of Hangout Music Fest is the beach setting, so take advantage of it. Remember to bring footwear that will allow you to enjoy the sand between your toes. Flip-flops, sandals, any open-toed shoes that have enough support for 8-10 hours of standing will be perfect for Hangout Music Fest.

Can you bring a portable charger to hangout fest?

Yes, portable chargers are iPhone, Android, and USB Type-C compatible. If you have a newer Android or Google phone, let the Electric Standard team know while you are picking up your battery, so they can provide you with an adapter. No additional fee will be applied.

Can I wear Crocs to a festival?

And yes, you can wear Crocs to a music festival.

Crocs make a quality Wellington Boot/Rain Boot that ticks are the boxes of sensible festival footwear. While their famous open-back model probably isn’t the wisest choice of festival footwear.

Is hangout a camping festival?

There is no camping onsite at the Hangout Music Festival, but you’ll find RV options nearby on the coast of Alabama and Florida.

What is a meaning of hangout?

Definition of hangout

(Entry 1 of 2) : a favorite place for spending time also : a place frequented for entertainment or for socializing. hang out. verb. hung out; hanging out; hangs out.

Are hangout tickets sold out?

For its third year, Hangout Fest tickets sold out completely several months in advance.

How many stages are there in Hangout Fest?

Festival attendees have access to five different stages, all featuring music from acclaimed and up-and-coming artists. With so many in attendance, Hangout Fest has an array of activities that range from volleyball, waterslides, and other sponsored lounges that can be accessed with a festival wristband.

Who started Hangout festival?

The Hangout Music Festival (commonly referred to as Hangout Fest or Hangout) is an annual three-day music festival held at the public beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama. It was founded by A.J. Niland and Shaul Zislin in 2010, and is produced by Huka Entertainment.

What beach is Hangout Fest on?

Hangout happens on a 7 mile long island along the Gulf of Mexico. The two towns on the island (Gulf Shores and Orange Beach) are home to thousands of hotels, condos and beach houses.

Does Hangout Fest sell 1 day tickets?

Negative, Hangout Music Festival only offers three-day passes. There are no single day wristbands available.

Where do you fly into for Gulf Shores Alabama?

Airports Near Gulf Shores
  • Pensacola International Airport (PNS) is an hour away from Gulf Shores (37 miles) via FL-292 W and AL-182 W.
  • Mobile Regional Airport (MOB) is an hour and 23 minutes from Gulf Shores (70 miles) via I-10 W.

How far is Gulf State Park from hangout?

It’s about 5 miles, easy drive, usually 7 – 10 minutes depending on traffic. The Gulf State Park there is between Orange Beach and Gulf Shores with no buildings.

Can you sleep on Gulf Shores beach?

Tents and shelters larger than 7 feet by 7 feet and taller than 4 feet are not allowed on public beaches, unless the tents/structures are placed in the designated area at Gulf Place. Individual property owners may allow tents and shelters on private property north of the City of Gulf Shores pole markers provided.

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