Where is the Green River Festival?

Where is the Green River Festival? But this year’s Green River Festival has a surprise on year 34 for all of us who had to skip a year in 2020. It’s taking place in a whole new venue, bringing together the usual 5000-6000 spectators to the 28-acre Franklin County Fairgrounds, high on a hill above the city of Greenfield, Massachusetts.

How many tickets are sold to Green River Festival? “For safety reasons, we limited the number of tickets we are selling to 5,000 per day (it’s normally 6,000) to make sure there is enough space so that everyone can be comfortable,” said festival director Jim Olsen of Signature Sounds.

How much are Green River Festival tickets? They can range from around $188 to $235. These tickets give you access to all the outdoor stages and tents. You can purchase VIP passes that will cost considerably more but provide VIP amenities.

What time does the Riverfest start? 

10:00pm CDT
  1. Wednesday, June 30.
  2. Thursday, July 1.
  3. Friday, July 2.
  4. Saturday, July 3.
  5. Sunday, July 4.

Where is the Green River Festival? – Additional Questions

What time do Riverfest fireworks start?

Saturday, JULY 4th at 9:20 PM along the Riverfront.

The City of Saint Charles is pleased to announce that we will have a fireworks display on July 4th at 9:20 PM along the riverfront!

Where do you park at Riverfest Wichita KS?

Here are some public parking lots close to the festival grounds:
  • ▪ Douglas and Waco.
  • ▪ Douglas and Water.
  • ▪ William and Main.
  • ▪ William, next to the food court.
  • ▪ Waterman, near WaterWalk.
  • ▪ Waterman, near the Hyatt.
  • ▪ Wichita Boathouse.

Where does the Riverfest parade start?

The Parade Route

The parade starts on 3rd Street at the Monticello American Legion Club and heads East to Walnut Street. Then it will take a right on Walnut Street and head South until 6th Street. The Parade takes a right on 6th Street and heads West to Minnesota Street where it turns South and ends on 7th Street.

Where can I watch fireworks in St Charles MO?

Frontier Park

Traditionally located in Frontier Park near Main Street, St. Charles, the festival is a favorite of locals and visitors for its charming historic atmosphere, and fabulous riverside view, offering a gorgeous, reflective flair to each year’s magnificent firework show.

What time are fireworks in St Charles?

Fireworks at 9:20PM.

Where can I buy Riverfest buttons 2022 in Wichita KS?

You can purchase your button at any Meineke Car Care Center in Wichita, Derby and Hutchinson. A Riverfest button can get you into all concerts and most events for free. The concert lineup for Riverfest 2022 will be released on Wednesday, April 20. Riverfest 2022 will run from Friday, June 3, through Saturday, June 11.

How much is a Riverfest button in 2022?

$15.00. 2022 Riverfest Buttons NOW ON SALE!!! Live in the Wichita area?

How much are Riverfest buttons in Wichita Kansas?

Those buttons will cost $15 for adults and $5 for children older than five. Admission for children five and younger is free. The button-price for children is the same whether you buy early or wait.

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34 QuikTrip Locations in Wichita, KS.

Where is the biggest QuikTrip?

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