Where is Moonrise festival located?

Where is Moonrise festival located? 

Pimlico Race Course
Moonrise / Event location

Pimlico Race Course is a thoroughbred horse racetrack in Baltimore, Maryland, most famous for hosting the Preakness Stakes. Its name is derived from the 1660s when English settlers named the area where the facility currently stands in honor of Olde Ben Pimlico’s Tavern in London.


Who runs Moonrise Festival? 

Steez Promo Glow DC

What should I wear to Moonrise Festival? Fashion & Function

Come prepared for hours of dancing! Wear comfortable sneakers and lightweight, breathable clothes that make you feel good. If you choose to wear heavy fabrics and faux furs, remember to stay hydrated.

Is Moonrise Festival Safe? Traveling To & From Moonrise

The area directly to the North and East of Pimlico are relatively safe if you’re going to be walking/waiting for an uber/ride. It’s recommended to stay away from the South and West sides of Pimlico.

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