What time does the Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach?

What time does the Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach? wavy.com/news/local-new… HEADLINER ANNOUNCEMENT! Big Head Todd and the Monsters will take the stage in 31st Street Park, Saturday, September 25th at 9pm during the 47th Annual Neptune Festival Boardwalk Weekend. Join us for this FREE SHOW!

Is the Neptune Festival Cancelled for 2021? Cancelled for what would have been its 47th season last year, the Neptune Festival’s famed Boardwalk Weekend, which was launched in 1974, will retake its honored position as the East Coast’s Largest Outdoor Party in 2021.

Where does the Neptune Festival start? The event starts at the beach, north of the Venice Breakwater! This is where King Neptune and his royal court will pronounce the start of summer!

How many people attend the Neptune Festival? Every year the Neptune Festival draws hundreds of thousands of attendees and participants. Average estimated attendance over the past 3 years for festival events is over 400,000.

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Where is the Neptune Festival held?

The Neptune Festival is an annual festival in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Virginia Beach Chamber of Commerce President and RK Chevrolet founder Richard Kline created the idea in 1973, to celebrate the heritage of the city. The first celebration took place in 1974.

What bands are playing at Neptune Festival 2021?

  • Big Head Todd and The Monsters.
  • 10,000 Maniacs.
  • Jesse Chong Band.
  • Moer.
  • Lucky 757.
  • BigForestFire.
  • Buckshot.
  • The Gold Sauce.

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