What is the Flowertown Festival in Summerville South Carolina?

What is the Flowertown Festival in Summerville South Carolina? The Flowertown Festival is the Y’s premiere fundraiser founded in 1973 to support health and wellness programs at the Y. Every spring, thousands of people visit Summerville to see nature’s bounty awash in color, from the hot pink azaleas, to the purple wisteria, to the delicate white dogwood.

Is Flowertown Festival Cancelled? After being cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19 concerns, the annual spring event was previously set for March 26-28, 2021, now organizers have decided to push it back a little further is Oct. 8-10.

Where is the Flowertown Festival? Every spring since 1973 thousands of people have flocked to the charming town of Summerville to take part in a festive, 3-day celebration of spring in the south. Aptly named the “Flowertown Festival,” this year’s event is April 3 – April 5 and marks the festival’s 48th year.

Where do you park for Summerville Flowertown Festival? Visitors can park at the three area schools around the festival: Rollings Middle School of the Arts is located at 815 S. Main St.; Spann Elementary is located at 901 John McKissick Way and Summerville Elementary is located at 835 S. Main St.

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Can you bring dogs to Flowertown Festival?

NO: dogs, cats, lizards, birds, animals/pets of any kind are allowed in the event area (even if you bring them in a stroller). NO: golf carts/motor vehicles are allowed to move or park within the event area. There are LOTS of kids running around and it is simply not safe.

How many vendors does Flowertown Festival have?

There are over 200 arts and crafts vendors at the Flowertown Festival this year. The festival will run until Sunday afternoon. Copyright 2022 WCSC.

What is the purpose of the Sweet Tea Festival?

The Sweet Tea Festival is a celebration of the birthplace of sweet tea, right here in Summerville SC. Our Historic Downtown is transformed into a massive open house / street fair with different food trucks, artisanal vendors and entertainment.

What’s the zip code for Summerville South Carolina?

Summerville/Zip codes

What are the demographics of Summerville South Carolina?

Summerville Demographics

White: 72.33% Black or African American: 19.74% Two or more races: 3.56% Other race: 2.06%

What county is Summerville?

Dorchester County, SC website | Home.

What is Charleston zip code?

Charleston/Zip codes

What are the zip codes for South Carolina?

Zip Code List Zip Code – 294 in South Carolina
Zip Code City County
29412 Charleston Charleston County
29413 Charleston Charleston County
29414 Charleston Charleston County
29415 Charleston Charleston County

What is Columbia SC ZIP code?

Columbia/Zip codes

What is Cane Bay ZIP code?

Cane Bay, Sangaree, Carnes Crossing and New Hope neighborhoods will now use the ZIP code 29486. Those areas were previously using 29483 ZIP code. According to U.S. Postal Service, the changes are necessary to keep up with an expanding number of deliveries in the area.

What is Mount Pleasant zip code?

Mount Pleasant/Zip codes

Is Mount Pleasant considered Charleston?

Mount Pleasant is a large suburban town in Charleston County, South Carolina, United States.

Why is it called Mount Pleasant?

The name Mount Pleasant comes from the plantation once owned by Jacob Motte. James Hibben purchased the plantation in 1803 the land was surveyed and divided into town lots. There were thirty-five altogether and ten of his children inherited the larger of these.

What is Mount Pleasant known for?

Mount Pleasant is located on South Carolina’s central coast, just east of Charleston. It was founded in 1680 and is the home of Shem Creek (known for its shrimp boats and seafood restaurants) and the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum.

Why is Mount Pleasant so popular?

Known as one of the best places to live and play for Charleston County residents, Mt. Pleasant is a network of gorgeous parks, wide waterfront views, and stunning antebellum style homes, and has a fantastic location that’s next to barrier island beaches and historic and populated Charleston. The secret of Mt.

Is Mount Pleasant SC worth visiting?

From a residential perspective, Mount Pleasant is commonly considered one of the best places to live in Charleston County, and even is on multiple “best of” lists for the entire state. Low crime, great schools, and beautiful surroundings make this a place many people want to call home.

Is Mt. Pleasant South Carolina safe?

The top-10 safest small towns or cities in South Carolina, ranked by their low cost of crime per capita, are: Mount Pleasant, S.C. ($210 per capita)

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