What happened at the Roskilde Festival?

What happened at the Roskilde Festival? At a 2000 European music festival, nine people were killed after a crowd stampede that occurred while the band Pearl Jam performed. A day of rain had soaked the grounds of the Roskilde Festival in Denmark to mud. After vendors had run out of boots, concertgoers began wrapping plastic bags around their shoes.

Where is the Roskilde Festival? 

Roskilde, Denmark

What time does Roskilde Festival start? The camping area opens Saturday 25 June at 16:00. The main festival site opens Wednesday 29 June at 17:00. Your wristband gives you access to the festival.

Who is playing at Roskilde Festival? Other new acts include HAIM, St. Vincent, Fontaines D.C., IDLES, Arlo Parks and Danish rising stars Erika de Casier and Jada. The prohibition on conducting large events this summer also applies to Roskilde Festival. Consequently, this year’s festival is postponed to 2022.

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