What are the dates for the Ohio Renaissance Festival?

What are the dates for the Ohio Renaissance Festival? September 16 – October 29, 2022 | Friday & Saturday Nights.

How big is the Ohio Renaissance Festival? Live the legend in this authentically recreated 30-acre, 16th-century English village. Rub elbows with nobility and be entertained by hundreds of costumed performers in nearly 100 shows each day.

Can you dress up for the Ohio Renaissance Festival? Clothing in multiple layers is subject to search. We reserve the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that we consider inappropriate or attire that could distract from the experience of other guests.

Do you have to wear a mask at the Renaissance Festival Ohio? 2022 Entrance Requirements:

Unvaccinated individuals, including children, are encouraged to wear a mask where social distancing is not possible (lines, show seating, etc.). Masks are not required.

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What should you not wear to a Renaissance Faire?

DON’T dress as a pirate!, Trekkie, mermaid, elf, unless its’ that kind of Renaissance Faire. Some California Faires and elsewhere mix fantasy themes. Others stick to a time period like the Elizabethan Era, so check the website.

What time does the Ohio Renaissance Festival Open?

Only open September – October: Open Festival Days from 10:30 am— 6:00 pm.

Where is the best Renaissance Festival?

Best Renaissance Festivals in the US
  • Texas Renaissance Festival.
  • Maryland Renaissance Festival.
  • New York Renaissance Faire.
  • Scarborough Renaissance Festival.
  • Bristol Renaissance Faire.
  • Northern California Renaissance Faire.
  • Ohio Renaissance Festival.
  • Arizona Renaissance Festival.

Where is the Ohio Renaissance Festival located?

The Ohio Renaissance Festival is an annual event that takes place on weekends from late August through October. This Renaissance festival is held at a permanent site located near Harveysburg in Warren County, Ohio.

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