Is the Albuquerque Balloon Festival worth it?

Is the Albuquerque Balloon Festival worth it? If you’re in town for several days during the Balloon Fiesta, these events are fun for the whole family and definitely worth checking out. They also often have smaller crowds than the Mass Ascensions, making them a great alternative if you’re looking for a smaller and more intimate event.

Is Albuquerque Balloon Festival 2022 Cancelled? In 2022, the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is scheduled to be held from October 1, 2022 to October 9, 2022. 2022 is an exciting year as it will be the 50th anniversary of the festival! 2021 should have been the 50th anniversary but the 2020 event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How much does it cost to go to the Albuquerque Balloon Festival? 


How much is the New Mexico balloon festival? Advanced general admission tickets are only $15 per person. General parking is $20 per vehicle. Advanced Express Park & Ride tickets are only $22 per adult when purchased in advance and $25 per adult when purchased at the bus location and include admission and transportation from five convenient Albuquerque locations.

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What should I wear to the Albuquerque Balloon Festival?

You’ll definitely want comfortable long pants. Tops – A long-sleeved t-shirt (one per day), sweater or sweatshirt, and a warm jacket. Shoes – I strongly recommend athletic shoes or other closed-toed shoes. You’re roaming around in the darkness with thousands of other people, and everyone’s looking up.

Can you ride in a hot air balloon at the Albuquerque Balloon Festival?

Rainbow Ryders’ — Official Balloon Ride

As the official balloon ride concession for the world’s largest ballooning event, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta®, RAINBOW RYDERS, INC. is the only balloon ride company authorized to take off from Balloon Fiesta Park during the Balloon Fiesta®.

How much does a hot air balloon cost?

On average, you’re looking at spending a wide range of money to make the initial hot air balloon purchase. It can cost anywhere from $20,000 to over $100,000. Granted, if you’re spending over $100,000, you’re probably buying a commercial hot air balloon, which can carry more people than a personal hot air balloon.

Where is the largest balloon festival in the United States?

1. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta | Albuquerque, NM. Drawing over 900,000 visitors and 600 pilots from seven countries over a nine day period, this is the largest and longest running balloon festival in the country.

How many balloons are at the Albuquerque Balloon Festival?

With over 500 balloons, is the largest ballooning event on earth, the most photographed event on earth, and the largest annual international event held in the United States.

How long does the Albuquerque Balloon Festival last?

The Albuquerque Balloon Festival happens every year in October. The festival runs for 9 days with all types of events happening throughout the week. The 2022 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta dates have been set for October 1, 2022, to October 9, 2022.

How much does it cost to ride a hot air balloon in Albuquerque?

Cost is $300 for adults and $250 for children. World Balloon also offers flights during Balloon Fiesta. All flights are $250, for children and adults. The launch site is five miles west of Balloon Fiesta Park.

How early should I leave for Balloon Fiesta?

The balloons start launching around 7:00. This is from the Fiesta guest guide…”For some of our most popular events, such as Mass Ascension, crowds have reached nearly 80,000 people, so arriving early is advisable. For weekend events, plan to arrive at the park by 5:00 am.

How is the drive from Albuquerque to Santa Fe?

On the interstate, Albuquerque to Santa Fe is just 65 miles, or about an hour’s drive. The Turquoise Trail, though, takes you up the long way, detouring via Tijeras and Route 14. Although the drive is only a little longer in distance, it’ll take 1 hour & 40 minutes because of the lower speed limit.

Is it cheaper to fly to Albuquerque or Santa Fe?

The average daily cost (per person) in Albuquerque is $108, while the average daily cost in Santa Fe is $127.

Is the Turquoise Trail worth it?

It’s a fun place definitely worth a stop. The Browns run this rambling place and offer real Cerrillos Turquoise mined from their claim (the main mine has long been closed). There is a small charge for entrance to their mining museum, and if you wish to feed the animals, there is another small charge.

How long does it take to drive the Turquoise Trail from Albuquerque to Santa Fe?

You can travel from Albuquerque to Santa Fe directly in just over an hour but to explore and experience the Trail you need at least a half a day and could actually stay two days or more, if you golf or ski one day and then visit the museums and shops or hike in the area’s Open Space properties the next.

What towns are on the Turquoise Trail?

Enjoy a breathtaking view from atop Sandia Crest, then drive back into history through the mining towns of Golden, Madrid, and Cerrillos, now coming alive with art, crafts, theater, music, museums and restaurants.

What is there to see between Santa Fe and Albuquerque?

The top stops along the way from Albuquerque to Santa Fe (with short detours) are Sandia Peak Tramway, Inn & Spa at Loretto, and Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. Other popular stops include Bandelier National Monument, Canyon Rd, and Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.

Where does the Turquoise Trail start and end?

The Trail begins to the South in Tijeras and the Cibola National Forest, then heads north through Cedar Crest, Sandia Park, Edgewood, Golden, Madrid, and Cerrillos, before ending in the San Marcos/Lone Butte Area.

Is Turquoise Trail Route 66?

History: Route 66 meets the Turquoise Trail

Tijeras on the crossroads of Route 66, the The Turquoise Trail. Visit the 14th century Tijeras Pueblo (a Historic site) and the Prehistoric Sandia Cave archaeological site. Drive along the Sandia Crest Scenic Byway and the ancient trails of the Salt Missions Scenic Byway.

How long is the Turquoise Trail?

New Mexico State Road 14, better known as the Turquoise Trail, may only be about 50 miles long, but it’s got enough history, art, shops and sights to make it the perfect day trip. Designated a National Scenic Byway in 2000, the Turquoise Trail is named for the precious stone first mined here centuries ago.

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