Is Festival Flea Market Closing?

Is Festival Flea Market Closing? FILE Shoppers stroll through Festival Flea Market at 2900 Sample Rd. in Pompano Beach. The site is likely to close for demolition after a developer entered into a deal to buy it and asked the city to rezone the property to make way for a warehouse and distribution operation.

What is a festival market? A festival marketplace is a European-style shopping market in the United States. It is an effort to revitalize downtown areas in major US cities begun in the late 20th century. Festival marketplaces were a leading downtown revitalization strategy in American cities during the 1970s and 1980s.

How do you market a music festival? 

How to Promote a Music Festival With Gleam
  1. Run a Contest and Giveaway Some Tickets.
  2. Integrate a Giveaway With Eventbrite.
  3. Reward People For Buying Tickets.
  4. Offer Discounted Tickets.
  5. Create a Pre-Sale Ballot.
  6. Grow Your Mailing List.
  7. Create a Festival Photo Gallery.

Who owns Festival Flea Market? IMC Equity Group has acquired the Festival Flea Market in Pompano Beach for $56 million and plans changes to the property to enhance its food and beverage options. The deal is a coming full circle for Yoram Izhak, CEO of North Miami-based IMC, which owns over $1 billion in commercial real estate.

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