How do I reserve Stern Grove Festival?

How do I reserve Stern Grove Festival? Reservations are required and open up online via Eventbrite, 12 days prior to each show at 2pm. General Admission reservations can be made for up to four people. ADA/Senior section reservations for up to two people are available but must be made over the phone: 415.252.6252, ext.112.

Where is the Stern Grove Festival held? Stern Grove Festival takes place in Sigmund Stern Grove, located at 19th Avenue and Sloat Boulevard in San Francisco in the City’s Sunset district.

Who pays for Stern Grove Festival? Stern Grove Festival relies on donations from people like you to cover nearly 100% of the costs of presenting admission-free concerts and education programs. Make a tax-deductible donation and support admission-free access to the arts for all!

How long is Stern Grove Festival? The shows usually last two to three hours and are wildly popular. You will once again need to make reservations for entry, even though admission is still free. You can make your reservations online starting on May 31.

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Is Stern Grove closed?

Stern Grove Closed: The east end of Stern Grove will remain closed until further notice due to recent damage sustained from a ruptured water main. Please see our project page for more information.

How do you get tickets to Stern Grove?

Patrons must reserve tickets on the festival’s website,, starting at 2 p.m. each Tuesday, 12 days before the performance date.

Who is Sigmund Stern?

Sigmund Stern was a predominant business and civic leader during the early 1900s. Additionally, Rosalie Stern also made donations to the Berkeley and Stanford University campuses, where dormitories named for the Stern family can be found.

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